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Paper Types:

  • Persuasive Essays are written to persuade the reader that the writer's point of view on a particular topic is correct and that the opposite view is incorrect.

    • The thesis will state the viewpoint and give a brief overview of why it is correct.

    • Each body paragraph should use real-world facts and examples to prove a point which either validates the thesis or invalidates the opposing viewpoint.

  • Narrative Essays involve some aspect of or experience from the writer's own life. They are often more "personal" than other types of papers.

    • The thesis is usually informal and often includes some sort of lesson the writer has learned.

    • The body paragraphs should flow together to tell a story, rather than be separate entities each proving a different point.

  • Literary Analyses introduce a new way of thinking about a novel or short story.

    • The thesis will be similar to that of a persuasive essay, except it will obviously be related to the story (and won't necessarily reference an "opposing" view).

    • Each body paragraph should use examples (usually quotes from the story) to prove the thesis.

  • Research Papers are scientific in nature, meaning they require multiple outside resources for validation, usually of varying types.

    • The thesis should be a solid claim which can be backed up by multiple sources.

    • The body paragraphs will each use a different source to work toward proving the thesis.